How to Blog for Business

I had the pleasure of being asked to contribute to Roger van der Horst's new ebook about blogging, The Ultimate How to Blog for Business guide.... I am one of a few different case studies. It's a really great read if you have some time! Roger provides readers with great ideas like:
  • Identify your goals for blogging
  • Determine whom your blog is for
  • Create killer content
  • Find a sustainable blogging rhythm
  • Grow your audience
Check it out by clicking this link. It's a free and quick download! 


  1. I signed up for the free ebook. Got an email acknowledgement from Peggy Lim, Manager. She says they can help us with website hosting, etc. etc. and logo desgin... that's how she spells it... not very encouraging I'm afraid. Am I being too critical?

    1. Oh my. Well I made a spelling mistake in my eBook so I guess I can relate. It happens. Human error!


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