Hump Day

I made it through Tuesday. I thank you all for your kind comments and love and support. The tax appt went well. We were nervous about it all day and when we returned from the doctor appt, and talked to the tax preparator, we got great news. So so relieved. Last year was such a nightmare. Unfortunately last years tax lady really screwed up. Glad to know we have a new tax lady and she is wonderful. She may even be able to amend last years taxes. We'll see what happens.

As for the doctor appt, that went well too. Just some minor tests, an ultrasound, and some bloodwork. The next steps were explained in detail and we are both so happy to know that all of the testing with exception to IVF will be covered under our insurance. So, there is a lot we can try before getting to that major step.  We are feeling hopeful and happy that we have started on this path.  Looking forward to getting some answers, and working around whatever obstacles we can.

Last night yielded some happy jewelry designs- my mood was the best it's been in quite some time.