Friday Randoms

I finished a book this week! I read The Hunger Games. It was amazing. I loved every minute of it.
Joe is taking me to see the movie on Saturday night.  And I'll be starting the second in the trilogy as early as today, borrowing it from my friend Theresa.
I now know what all the excitement was over. The story of Katniss in these brutal hunger games was thrilling, and the romance angle was my favorite. I have always been a big fan of teen lit. This is no exception- excited to read the next one.

* I received my beads from Nan of Spirited Earth for Lori Anderson's Cup of Bead Soup hop. Be sure to check back in on the hop day: May 12!

* I received my buttons for the Button Swap that Cindy Wimmer is hosting, from my partner Liz DeLuca! She sent some lovely handmade lampwork glass buttons....

 And some pretty vintage buttons too! Be sure to check out Liz's blog to see the buttons I sent her. And check back in for the blog hop May 13!

Mr. Motley Owl showed up while I was in Florida along with 5 other friends. Erin's line of Simple Truth pendants are so creative and fun.

Check back here on Monday April 23 for a new component challenge/giveaway!

This morning I bought Lori Anderson's new eBook on Ideas and inspiration for the Creative Blogger.  There have been many times when I've thought about how I can battle writer's block or what can I blog about that people will want to read. This eCourse is a perfect accompaniment to any blogger's toolbox- the photography throughout is stunning and inspiring and Lori shares 59 pages of a great tips and ideas on keeping an interesting and fabulous blog! I recommend this for any blogger, new or seasoned.
I know I'll be using these prompts in the near future for my blog posts.


  1. I usually hate to follow a trend, but I am reading the Hunger Games right now too and am really enjoying it! Daughter is studying it at school (Grade 10) and apparently it was inspired by today's Reality Shows. (Let's hope they never get to that point!)

    Looking forward to seeing what you create with your new stash. Have a great weekend!

  2. love the hunger games books...have you read the book thief? excellent..just popping round to say 'hi' and that i always want to just make jewelry again when i see you blog...sigh....

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the Hunger Games also. You'll enjoy the next two books as well I'm sure. It's a fabulous series.

    AS far as all the other randomness. . .so much awesomeness. Love the buttons & love the owl!! I'm definitely drawn to getting both your e-book and Lori's right now, but I gotta get some more funds from the hubs first. ;)


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