I'm Back!

Hi! I'm back! I am so sorry for the silence around these parts the past few days. I had to jet off to Naples Florida for work but now I'm back.


Don't PANIC.

I know you are all out of sorts here at the blog.... due to it's funky new appearance. Unfortunately when I was in Florida my photobucket account expired and therefore my previous blog accoutrements were jeopardized.  So I got home and was just playing around and found these new Blogger templates.

It's okay if you don't like it. You know me, I probably won't keep it for long. But sometimes it's fun to see something different for a change.  So just try to embrace it for a few days til I decide what I want to do with the blog again. Hey you might just like it after awhile. There is tweaking that I have to do, like figure out where to put the ads. Maybe add a page and a link at the top... this might be the deciding factor to go back to something more traditional.

So Florida... it was nice! The area I stayed in, Naples, was very nice. The weather was beautiful. As soon as I got settled into my room I headed out in search of the beach. I knew I couldn't be that far...
So I walked down about 3 blocks to Clam Pass Park- I knew there was a beach here somewhere....

This walkway was 6/10 of a mile long and felt like I was walking FOREVER.  There were golf carts going back and forth with beach visitors. At one point, one of the drivers asked me if I was "done walkin' yet?" I pushed on, knowing it was just around another bend. The vegetation along this whole trail was thick, green, plush and full of spidery things. I walked quickly.

About half way there, I saw this opening in the trees.

Kept on walking.  I finally got to a Gondola type of area with restaurant, and on the otherside was the ocean. Finally!

The water was warm and crystal blue, the sand was stark white. One of the prettiest beaches I'd ever been to! I hung around awhile. Wished I had my suit. There were barely any waves. You could walk out for quite a ways and still be in fairly shallow water.

Now it finally seemed worth the trouble to get there.

On the way back to my hotel, there was an inconspicuous shopping mall. I walked through the Saks store and ended up in an outdoor mall with high end stores like Coach, Louis Vuitton,  Tiffany & Co., and a few normal shops thrown in like the Gap, Anthropologie, and J.Crew. I shopped around for a while. I bought a few tops at J.Crew.... and a journal and this new tote at Anthropologie. It was kind of fun, seeing the recent dresses from Anthro that I included in my last design board.

Wednesday I spent the day at a museum packing up a loaned show that we sent down there. It was a nice day, and the team I worked with were great. We finished it all in one day! I secretly shot a pic of the Chuhuly ceiling. Shhhh. don't tell.

After a long day of travel, I'm finally back at home and am looking forward to hugging the heck out of my husband later when he returns from Golf, snuggle the Marley girl, and sleep soundly in my own bed tonight!

( I will also be frantically creating a stacked bracelet set for this Saturday's Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Bracelet Challenge )


  1. Lorelei, I really like this new design on your blog! Exciting!

  2. Love all the photos you took - looks like it was a pretty beach! Welcome back (and I'm scrambling to get the stacked bracelets done too LOL

  3. Isn't Naples beautiful? Can't really get much better in Florida. I've been fortunate enough to visit there too, many years ago. As I'm sure you noticed, you were in a very posh neighborhood. Naples is were all the wealth people live! You got some great photos and it sounds like you enjoyed yourself!

  4. My aunt and her family lives in Naples. I love it down thier. The photos are beautiful. I am about 6 hours north of Naples. I bet Marley was glad to see you.

  5. glad you are back, didn't even realize you were gone because I have been busy slaving away behind the nail table, sigh. I so wish I didn't have to work so many hours.
    Anyway, I do miss your old blog look but this one works too :-)

  6. I have to admit I was alarmed when I first saw your blog! "What happened!" I thought, when all I saw was photos. "Where's the blog!!" Anyway, Naples is a lovely place. I brought back a ziplock bag of that beautiful white sand and put it in glass dish with some seashells, etc.

  7. Tamara T. from (outside of) Dorval ,Que,Canada4/19/2012

    Addicted to your blog so I freaked when I thought something went wrong. Love your style,use of color and of course your sense of humor! Change is good so your new blog format will be great!! Good luck in all you do! :)

  8. Sound like fun fun vacation =)
    Love your photos.


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