Modern Nature- A gift from Kathleen

 I got such a beautiful gift from Kathleen Klik of Modern Nature this weekend. She contacted me a while back telling me that would love to send me some of her felted beads, that are made from Alpaca yarn. Her sister-in-law raises alpacas in Avon, New York (
I thought that was pretty cool! My Momma owned 2 Alpacas for a little while and can really appreciate their awkwardness and soft fur.
So anyway, K sent me the package and it arrived on Saturday afternoon. As soon as I took the box out of the mailbox, I knew I needed to grab
 the camera! The stamps on the outside brown packaging were so sweet. I took some photos of a few of them. I have always been such a sucker for pretty packaging and I really need to start taking more time when I wrap up my own outgoing jewelry packages.  Thank you K, for getting me to see the light again! There is nothing quite like opening a beautiful gift.

 When I got the outside paper off, I realized that the underside of the paper was lace printed! Gorgeous! I had to really look closely to see it was printed on the paper and not actually lace!
 Here is the box, where she used another gorgeous rubber stamp  of a dandelion. So simple but so pretty!

Now we're getting to the good stuff! A sweet handwritten note and a few packages wrapped in nice paper ribbon.

She sent along some fiber, and it is seriously the softest yarn I have ever felt! I thought maybe it was from the Alpacas too but she wrote and said it was a mix of nylon, wool, and acrylic. Still, gorgeous and earthy and so so soft!

She also sent this beautiful hard covered journal. The floral pattern on the cover reminds me of the floral tin I use in the tin snippets!  Always need a journal to jot ideas down in!

Beautiful and soft felted wool beads in some of the prettiest colors ever! I am excited to play around with these. I'm sure you'll see these crop up in my designs soon!

And another very sweet gift!! K made these charms, and they feature photography from the Grouse Mountain and Adirondacks!  Very cool, very well made.

THANK YOU K for such a wonderful surprise - you made my weekend grand!


  1. Wow, such beautiful packaging, I am taking notes! Those wool beads are precious!

  2. What a great day for you! The packaging is gorgeous, and so are the felt beads and charms.

  3. Gorgeous present! I love those felted beads, they do look incredibly soft and lovely.

  4. Wow! She does beautiful work! And, um...yeah, I need to work on my packaging too. Yikes.

  5. I am so glad you like everything, have fun creating!


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