Remember these?

The blog hop is on Saturday, April 7th! Participants are creating jewelry with these pretty balled end Glass headpins from Gardanne Beads. Come back here to see my post and get all the links for the hop. If you've gotten your own set of headpins and you want to participate in the hop be sure to send me your blog links before Saturday.  I will be out of town and will be setting up the post on Friday, so if participants can get me their links by Friday, I would be grateful!

See you then!


  1. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Hi, Lorelei! Is it ok if I use your picture of the headpins on my blog for part of my reveal post? Wasn't sure if the image was copyrighted.

  2. Hello! I have scheduled my post, including one of your headpin shots - is that ok? Finished creating with them today. Thank you for the challenge, I really enjoyed it'! Looking forward to seein what everyone else has come up with.

  3. Just finished my piece too - can't wait to see everyones's creations.

  4. Hi Lorelei,

    My post is scheduled for late Friday night (if I did it right). I used your headpin shots as well in my post. They look so pretty all together.

    I'll have to edit to get all of the blog hop participants in my post.

    My blog is here:


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