Round Rabbit Update

The day: Thursday April 26th, 2012
The time: 12:00 PM EST

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I swear if I could be a bead, I would be a porcelain or ceramic bead. There just isn't a ceramic bead I didn't like.  I am constantly amazed at Nancy's talent. She must never sleep or dream of stuff like this when she is asleep. Either way, I love it all.


  1. Completely with you on ceramic beads - they are the best. I have such a round rabbit hoard now! I must actually use them and not just look at them...I love those beads at the top, I hope I can snag one!

  2. Wow; I love all those beads & components. So many classes so little money for beads :(

  3. I'm gonna try to get something this time! Love your new template, btw

  4. just stopped by to tell you how gorgeous your blog is looking lately. the wood plank background was made for you!

  5. Her beads always sold out? w.o.w cause I visit her bigcartel, there is no items =(
    Did she send to overseas too?

  6. Holy crap! I love that first picture! I'm not even going to bother trying because I never get anything but thanks for showing us! Love them!

  7. I never get anything because it's always a certain time frame. :-( Bummer.

  8. Love all the beads, great colors.

    Your blog template is brilliant.

  9. I love her work! I'm smitten with those ones in the top photo there! Nancy is so talented!


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