Tangerine is my new favorite color. Well at least today.   I found a nice new spot to photograph my jewelry this morning. The sun comes up in front of my house, and that side dining room window doesn't see nice bright light until mid morning.  So I photographed in the foyer today! Although the foyer is an orange color, it is nice and bright and perfect for morning photography.

Both of these new pieces feature lampwork glass rounds from Gardanne Beads. If I could have a
lifetime supply of these orange speckled rounds, I would. They are just so versatile and the color is perfect.


  1. The light is pretty! I just wanted to thank you for the ebook. I love it! You have really given me food for thought, and really make asymmetry seem not so scary. Great tips, thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

  2. These are superb! I love specially that bracelet :-)

  3. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Just ordered the new ebook too and very excited to add some asymmetrical pizzaz to my jewelry designs. Thanks for the kick in the imagination!

    Fresh Baked Designs

  4. I'm never been much of a fan or orange, but you definitely help me see the possibilities in it. Thanks!


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