Tutorial Tuesday: Locked Up


Locked Up

Waxed cotton cording is one of the best cordings to use when making a sliding knot enclosure.


1 Ceramic 25 x 40mm Lock focal
2 Ceramic 18mm circular links
6 Top Drilled 14mm Beach stones
2 Amber Etched Lampwork 4mm Spacers
2 Teal Etched Lampwork 4mm Spacers
1 Vintage 12 x 30mm Skeleton key
1 Brass 7mm split jump ring
24 inches Red waxed cotton 1.5mm cording

Finished size: 20 - 30 inches adjustable

Chain nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Flush cutters

1. Pass the 2 ends of the red cording through the top of the lock pendant and form a larks head knot.
2. String onto 1 cord, 1 amber lampwork spacer, 3 drilled stones, 1 teal lampwork spacer.
3. Pass the cording up through the hole in the ceramic link, and then down through the second hole in the link.
4. Repeat step 2 on the second cord. Attach a 7mm jump ring to the skeleton key. String the cording through the jump ring. Repeat step 3, string the 2nd ceramic link.
5. Tie overhand knots into each of the cords, at 2 inch intervals.
6. Form a sliding knot at the ends of both cords.

Ceramic lock- Diane Hawkey
Drilled stones- Stones Studios Too
Lampwork spacers- Pinocean
Ceramic links- Earthenwood Studio
Red cording- Fusion Beads
Skeleton key- Miss Emily Gene

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  1. cool necklace! and looking forward to your new book. how exciting for you and Erin! congrats!

  2. Hi Lorelei, I really love this necklace, and can't wait to receive my pre-ordered book! By the way the blog looks good the way you have it now:) Jane


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