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Mamacita Beadworks NEWS!
D'Arsie is opening up 5 slots for new designs to be made to anyone who wants custom tags for their jewelry. We worked together on my tags, and I love having them. They are special little additions to my creations.  Here is a great article on Art Bead Scene talking about using your own personalized tags.

If you are looking to customize your own designs with handmade tags, be sure to contact D'Arsie fast. Here's a note she posted on Facebook:

I am now offering 5 custom sculpted jewelry tag slots!!!
If you are interested in more information, please contact me via a facebook message to receive details on pricing and procedure.

The first 5 customers with confirmed designs will begin the custom sculpting process with a projected shipping date of June 9th. 
If you’ve ever wanted a completely original tag to set your jewelry designs apart, here’s your chance!
If all goes well I will be offering another five slots in the fall.
Thank you!

I got one of these awesome new enameled lily pads yesterday at Jade Scott's update!  How stinkin' adorable! I am always enamored with how Jade comes up with so many unique designs for her components.
But this lily pad is just so perfect for the season.

and I'm really really excited.

Because I am totally going to try to get a Green Girl Studios frog button and use it with this pendant somehow.
Talk about a perfect pairing!!! :)


  1. Thank you for the information about Mamacita Beadworks - wonderful work!!!

    Love the enameled lily pad and the frog is awesome!

  2. Thanks for all this! I have messaged D'Arsie but I may well be too late with only 5 slots Jade's lilypad. I am going to have to be v good this month (prob the one after too) with the huge vet bill we paid at the beginning of this week. And all for nothing too....anyway, I shall have to live vicariously through others and enjoy seeing what you all buy and create!

  3. Loved your tags in the Art Bead Scene post. I'm working on designs to make my own. Love that lily pad....cant help seeing it as a green PacMan, though :P.

  4. Thanks for getting the word out Lorelei! This will be a very exciting project~ xoxo

  5. Oh I would love to have tags some day...and I had so much fun with Jades update yesterday...picked up quite a few amazing pieces.....thanks for sharing Miss Lorelei.....xox


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