New eBook Now Available!

Blogging can be intimidating.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating and scary. The tools are at your disposal anytime you want them. I’m here to help you! In this 33 page eCourse, I will help you start a blog using the Blogger interface, from start to finish, covering all the basics. With a few easy set-up steps, I’ll show you how to navigate Blogger to pick a template, customize the template, create your own banner, and start posting right away. Along the way, we’ll cover tips and tricks of photo editing, html basics, and installing badges and widgets.  It will be helpful if you have some basic internet knowledge. I’ll teach you how to add links to your posts, and even how to insert your favorite YouTube videos in your posts. I know this all sounds Greek to you now, but by the end you’ll have your new blog up and running smoothly and hopefully have a better understanding of how Blogger works!

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