Plant Life

I wait all year for this day. Countdown starts around March. The day when I can finally go to George's to buy plants for the porch. It's usually always around my birthday. We may have jumped the gun this year because occasionally we are still getting some frost during the night.

Got the usual suspects, Deep purple and green Potato vine, and some colorful annuals for the corner pots, and then some coleus in assorted colors for single pots. This year we got some of these cool purple shamrock shaped plants too.

Now we just need to find some hanging baskets for the hooks.  The porch is shaping up nicely!

Hope you are all enjoying some nice weather this weekend!


  1. Looks great Lorelei. We have another week or two to go here in Maine before I dare fill my window boxes and planters.

  2. It looks like a welcoming porch. I hope you are able to spend plenty of time out there enjoying it.

  3. I miss having a front porch! We have a couple of weeks to go before the delicates can go outside. I did put some petunias out today though.

  4. Oh Lorelei, these look just lovely! Here in Australia we are fast coming into winter so I look on with envy. Enjoy!


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