Skipped Tuesday

Well look at that. I skipped Tuesday altogether. I didn't mean to but it's just been super crazy at work. Not only that but I am working on a new eBook. At first I thought if it would be enough content but am now finding after 103 screen shots, and 9-1/2 pages of written text- it will be more than enough.

I am sure there are people out there who follow blogs but don't have one of their own. I know a few of these people on Facebook.  I think Blogging can be intimidating. Lots of questions arise like- what do I write about, and who the heck is going to read it. I had these very same thoughts back when I started blogging in 2007.   In this day and age though, blogging goes hand in hand with craft/art/jewelry/ whatever.  It's one of the best tools to help promote your business, no matter who big or small.
As an example, I have met some of the most wonderful people and have forged the best friendships through my blog.

My eBook will show you how to start your own basic Blogger  formatted blog from start to finish. But I also will cover things like making your own banner, customizing the look, some basics on how to install things via html code, easy photo editing and MORE.

I am sure that this has been covered before. I just know that for me, a very visual document like the one I am creating would help me. So I am including many screen shots so that people will be able to follow along with each step- and see what each screen looks like. It literally is a Step by Step process.

It will be ready in a few days. I have to type everything up and get it into a document/ PDF format for download.  I do hope it's something that people will be interested in and helpful for them to use.
I am not sure if I should call it an eBook or an eCourse. and am still working on a title.

I can't really help with Blogger glitches- I deal with those on a regular basis too but all in all I think Blogger is one of the very best places to start blogging. It's Free, and so user-friendly and easy.

Please leave comments today if you feel I should cover some specifics in my instructions. Anything you with you knew how to do but can't figure out?