Thursday Randoms

Here I am with my Sister, Franny. We took this while I was home visiting last weekend for Mother's Day. I love this picture. But the funny part is, just before this was taken, I was dodging bees every 5 seconds, and then I made them all go back inside with me. They live in the country and I cannot handle the wasps they have nesting around the eaves of their house. ack!

I am feeling like my iphone takes better pictures than my camera. Loving the Instagram App- always makes my pics look great. Above is a new necklace I made last night. I got these cool faceted oval links from Yvonne's My Elements Shop. I love the dusty purple and navy blue together.

This is a gift I am giving to my friend Tara. Her birthday is tomorrow too. Since I'll be out of town, we are doing our birthday lunch today. I do hope these little azaleas I cut for the package last until lunch!

I almost forgot...Gotta head to DMV this morning to get my license renewed. Fun times. I can only imagine what the Utica DMV is like at 9am.

Looking forward to dinner with friends tonight- cooking on the grill, and then a fire outside later with smores. Nothing better than that!

Hope you are having a great Thursday so far!