Thursday Randoms

Here I am with my Sister, Franny. We took this while I was home visiting last weekend for Mother's Day. I love this picture. But the funny part is, just before this was taken, I was dodging bees every 5 seconds, and then I made them all go back inside with me. They live in the country and I cannot handle the wasps they have nesting around the eaves of their house. ack!

I am feeling like my iphone takes better pictures than my camera. Loving the Instagram App- always makes my pics look great. Above is a new necklace I made last night. I got these cool faceted oval links from Yvonne's My Elements Shop. I love the dusty purple and navy blue together.

This is a gift I am giving to my friend Tara. Her birthday is tomorrow too. Since I'll be out of town, we are doing our birthday lunch today. I do hope these little azaleas I cut for the package last until lunch!

I almost forgot...Gotta head to DMV this morning to get my license renewed. Fun times. I can only imagine what the Utica DMV is like at 9am.

Looking forward to dinner with friends tonight- cooking on the grill, and then a fire outside later with smores. Nothing better than that!

Hope you are having a great Thursday so far!


  1. I would not have known she was your sister...tee hee. I just love that necklace you made. Those lavender links are darling!

    I know what you mean about wasps and bees. We have them everywhere. Once I was out in the garden when a be started divebombing me and I was running around the yard like a maniac. Little did I know our neighbor, and elderly man in a wheelchair, was watching me from his window. His wife said she could hear him laughing from the other end of the house.

    Best of luck at the DMV. With all the cutbacks, I've heard nothing but horror stories.

    Enjoy your day with your birthday buddy!

  2. That necklace is very peaceful and pretty :)

  3. Pretty necklace! LOVE the azaleas, too. If you have the latest iPhone, it has an 8 megapixel camera in it, which is AWESOME! If your normal camera is less mpx than that, that's why they're better. Great for taking in-progress pics or posting pics in a hurry!

  4. I think your photos are always great, and I only wish I knew your secret. Interested that you like instagram. Also the above comment from 2CAHummingbird, is interesting. I think you did a post about photography some time ago. I wonder if I can find it again. Lovely that you visited with your sister. Great photo!

  5. I like to see you smile again =)


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