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I am absolutely loving the new photo editing program online, PicMonkey. It does all my favorite things that Picnik used to do except for collages but I think that is an option that's coming soon.

Put some Mindy Moogin beads to use last night in these long dangly earrings. Wire wrapped with glass rings, The Orange Bell khaki lampwork rounds, and some amazonite from Dakota Stones.

 I have had these funky grey vintage beads for quite a while. Finally used them in this beaded bracelet- with fancy faceted pyrite rounds, and Czech glass rounds, a sweet little Jade Scott acorn charm and MissFickleMedia clasp.

I absolutely LOVE this necklace. This ceramic Wing Spread Owl pendant is from Jean Christen. I recently got a bunch of Jean's beads, and this was one that I picked out of the bunch she sent me. I used long curved brass tubes, and ceramic rounds from Keith O'Connor. The bronze toggle is from Saki Silver.

These pieces will be posted in my new webstore this morning before I jet off to visit my Momma for the weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's day! Be sure to check in tomorrow to see what I created for the Button Swap and Blog Hop!


  1. Hi Lorelei! You might want to check out www.iPiccy.com for the photo editing too - it's free and does collages as well as a bunch of other cool stuff! I love your work and your blog is on my "must read everyday" list!

  2. It's official. You can do no wrong :P I love every piece here, especially the one with the funky grey vintage beads. I would have no clue what to do with beads that shape....other than admiring them.

  3. Love the vintage grey beads with the turquoise. I just tried PicMonkey for the first time today. Think I was still in a funk at Picnik's demise. Seems pretty easy to use, which is what I liked so much about Picnik. But I'm open to other options and hope to read more about other's experiences in the coming days. Thanks for sharing yours.



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