Chain Gang

Got a sweet little message yesterday from a regular blog reader who asked if i could write a post about the chain i use in my work and where i find them. so happy to oblige!

there are a few favorite places that I like to buy chain. it's true, you don't always know what your going to get, chain wise. either the color might be off, or the sizing looks different in person.  after several years, i have tried out some places, and by trial and error, have found a handful of spots i continually purchase from.

I love  They have really cool chain and great prices. What you see is what you get. They generally have gunmetal, brass, silver, and copper in stock, with several options of shapes and sizes for each.

I also love the chain at Primitive Earth Beads & Chain. I found this vendor at Bead Fest a few years ago and I always like to stop by their booth when I see them. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and they have a great website too! We are in talks actually of having a book signing at their booth this August at Bead fest because they have really great cording and leather too!

I buy the majority of my chain at these two places but when I need my staple, antiqued brass, I always go to Vintaj for wholesale chain. I have tried every shape and size and have never been disappointed. It's always wonderful, strong, and holds its dark brown color.

There are many vendors on Etsy that sell vintage chains, but some are better than others. I like an etsy seller that ships quickly, and has great communication. There is nothing worse that buying a boatload of chain or something from an Etsy seller and then get no communication that they even got your order, much less tell you when it shipped. I like these things in a seller.
A great seller that i have great luck with is OnePieceataTime.

Hoping this helps, Happy Chain Shopping!

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