Crafted Findings Rivet Tool

I was recently able to test out Crafted Findings new Rivet Tool. I contacted Fusion Beads to see if they had one they could send to me, and they let me borrow one for a few weeks. A few weekends ago, I sat down on a Saturday and tried it out. First, thought, I went to Harbor Freight to pick up a table top vise.  I found a green Articulated Vaccuum vise for $14.00 there. Unfortunately it did not really stay suctioned to my wood table top for long periods and I had to keep re-attaching it.

Here it is above with the rivet tool inside the clamps. I definitely think the took works best when using a vise, and am not really sure how the heck you would even do it if you didn't have one. Handheld could be tricky especially when placing the teensy tiny rivets into your piece, into the tool.

This is the punch end of the tool for making your perfectly sized holes for the rivets. And below is the riveting end.
I tried and tried to make a video of this process but really, you can't film a video while using this tool by yourself. well, at least I can't. So I ditched the video. You can see this piece in action by watching the manufacturer's online demos here.

I made several pieces while playing around this day. Overall I really liked the tool, but the only complaint I have is that you can't really use just any old rivet, you have to use the specially made rivets. It's not that they are expensive, but you have to find them at a licensed retailer. I know of a few places, but I'm sure there are more I don't know about.

 This first pair of earrings were made using some pewter links from Mamacita Beadworks, and some hand-cut vintage tin discs. I riveted them together using a longish silver tone rivet. It took some playing around to find just the right length of rivet.

This pair was made with hand cut and hammered brass discs made into hoops, and then I riveted another piece of floral tin to the back creating a window effect. I have made this style before, but hammered the rivet. This tool made this so much easier and quicker!

This last piece is a large etched copper focal from Staci Louise Originals. I riveted 2 Vintaj Copper flying birds to the pendant with copper rivets for a nice 3-D effect. Pretty cool eh?

Overall consensus is:

Although a bit pricey at almost $100 for the tool, it saves a ton of time and in my book, that's worth every penny.

You do have to buy specialized rivets to get the job done.

An extra $20 is needed for a vise.

I'm assuming the eyelets work the same way, I didn't have any to play with in this round.

The rivets hold nicely and are quite strong.

Yes, I will buy one of these tools next time I have some cash saved up. I think it's a nice little tool to have on hand when the urge strikes to play with metal.

Check out the Crafted Findings website for more info.


  1. I've seen these and I'm so glad to see your review. I work from my dining room table so I don't know where I'd put the vice. Though it sounds expensive, I would really like to own one of these.

    I just love that second pair of earrings!

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with this tool!

  2. I wonder if there would be a way to clamp the tool near a table corner, with those quick clamps? It's too bad it only seems to accept the special rivets. Your Staci Louise project is beautiful; I love how you have the birds flying toward the sun... I had several sets of those little Vintaj birds left over in different finishes, and you have given me some ideas. Thanks for sharing your experience with the new toy!

  3. That's cool, and a super review! I love what you made with it. I really want it, but i don't know if if NEED another tool LOL

  4. Another cool!!!I can hear the Tim Allen (from Home Improvement) voice inside my head.

  5. Wow! One more tool to put on my must have list! And still 6 months till christmas.....

  6. Hi! I'm a new lurker to your blog. This is an awesome tool, but the thing I love the most about this post is the picture of your dining room. It looks like mine! Craft stuff everywhere and nowhere to eat! :) (I think I'll write a blog post about that tomorrow and link back to your blog here, just FYI.)



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