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WOAH. How is it Thursday already!? This week is flying by!  Work is crazy busy. That's helping.

Sorry I don't have anything new to show you today. Last night Tara and I went to see some people about using their house for the crafting retreat we are planning for this Fall. They live right up the street and have the most amazing house. It could seriously be a bed and breakfast, so picturesque and perfectly comfortable.  They were intrigued by our idea and said they would think about it.  I wanted to give you a bit of info too since I haven't really mentioned it here on the blog before now.

Tara and I are thinking of having a Friday - Sunday retreat this fall, where one fee would cover the cost of your lodging, all meals, 5-6 crafty projects (some jewelry too) that incorporate Vintage things like buttons, keys, hankies, a trip to a local antique mall, and we would provide transportation to and from the airport or train station for people coming from afar.

We have a few project ideas in mind already. We'd make some locally favorite fare such as Chicken Riggies,  We'd have a fun trip to the antique mall which has about 80 vendors in one building.
The best part would be hanging out with about 8 other crafty women who enjoy what we enjoy- vintage. crafts. jewelry. antiquing. eating good food.   The house where we are hoping to stay is close to our own homes, and has tons of space. Theoretically we would all sleep there, eat there, craft there. It's a gorgeous home with a picturesque backyard filled with gardens, a koi pond, small birds and wildlife, beautiful flowers, a sweet patio.... Even though this area doesn't have a whole lot to offer in the way of entertainment, I think it's a nice place to come and relax for the weekend.

There are lots of details that we'll still need to work out. But we're thinking this would happen either late September or early October.

Tomorrow bright and early, I am heading out for Milwaukee.  Here's Thursday's daily sale for you- enjoy!


  1. Your retreat sounds great!! Have fun at Bead and Button and lots of success too!!

  2. It sounds wondeful. I am intrested. But with two small babies and a teenager it would be hard to for me to join in the fun.

  3. I would LOVE to go on a retreat like that! I'd be very interested! I was telling Erin at the Riverwalk Shop on Memorial Day weekend that I'm having trouble starting a good enough bead collection to fuel the creating! (Though I did just get my hands on some Jade Scott pinwheel lovelies) but I need more help! An opportunity for guided projects with shopping would be very cool.

    Also, LOVE your book, I have the Daisy bracelet from the book and I ADORE it. And you're making it very difficult to not spend all my money on your jewelry this week! Love you jewelry.

  4. Have a great time at Bead and Button! If I can get the money together, I would love to attend a retreat like that. Correction, I *need* a retreat like that. Question though, you are *bound* to have an incredible number of people seriously interested in this retreat- have you decided how you'll fill the spots- will it be first come, first serve?
    You are so talented and inspiring- thanks so much just for being you! :)

    1. Hi D! Thank you! Glad to hear it may be something you're interested in doing. I think we'll be creating a website. We'll open up registration for sign ups. then we'll pick 8 random participants so everyone has a fair shot.
      That's what I'm thinking. First come first serve might not be fair for those who live out west if they by chance want to make the trek east for the retreat. (time difference)
      Any suggestions would be welcomed!

    2. Random is good! :)

  5. Your retreat sounds like a great weekend, filled with inspiration and new friends! I look forward to reading more about it and hope to sign up. Have a great time at Bead & Button-I am so envious of everyone that is attending! Can't wait to see your loot when you return!

  6. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I discovered your blog quite recently, and it's been great fun catching up on your posts and lovely creations. I would love to attend a creative retreat. I love making jewelry, and I'd love to learn about different techniques, I'd also love to hang out with people who make things. Looking forward to hearing more about this.


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