Radio Interview

Erin Siegel and I were interviewed by Mark Lipinski on his radio show, Creative Mojo. I was such a nervous wreck about it but figured I'd put it out there in case you wanted to have a listen. Go to this page, and at the right, find Recent Shows. At the bottom of that box, click All shows. Find May 16 in the list. and click the Creative Mojo link.
The time to fast forward to, where the interview starts is 51:21. If you download the show and listen to it using itunes, you can fast forward to 51:21.

It's about 20 min. long.



  1. I listened to it last night. You both did great! Congrats

  2. I think you saved the interview for us! I had way to many "And Umms" and can't-get-the-right-words-out moments for my taste! I thought all your answers were spot on and you did great!

  3. Good Job! My favorite line about you book was from the host, This book "isn't creepy,beady or homemade".


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