Random Theeengs

i cannot believe in 4 days i'll be on a jet plane heading to milwaukee for bead & button. it's pretty surreal. vendors keep showing the most amazing pictures of their new work for the show and my mouth is watering. i just love the energy of this show, so many wonderfully talented people all in one building. it's pretty amazing stuff. i recommend it if you can ever go there.

i have been quite busy making things. and yes, i'm still in love with my iPhone, and Instagram. what did i ever do without these 2 things?

Busy making lists, trying to remember all the stuff i need to bring with me this weekend. praying work won't be too stressful so i can get through this week unscathed.  work should not be stressing me out as much as it is. it's not good.

Just want to say thank you to those who have bought the book from my etsy shop! i have all orders packed and ready to go out this morning! i apologize for it taking so long, and if you have already bought a book and didn't get a chance to get it signed, if you sent it to me, i'd happily oblige.

Going to try to do some sales throughout the week to help me clear out the etsy store. Not because i'm closing it (i'm not) but just to get these theeengs out the door so i can make new theeeengs for this shop.

Today's sale: Buy TWO JEWELRY items in my etsy shop, (does not include the book) and get 30% off your order. I will send a revised invoice so choose OTHER as your form of payment.


  1. Hope to see you at the Bead and Button show again this year.

    Ellen (blog reader)

  2. I have been reading a lot of great things about the Bead and Button Show, so I added it to my bead show wish list. I said to my husband "want to go to Wisconsin for a bead show?" ...Silence. He just doesn't have my passion for beads!

    Have fun with Erin and Melanie selling your book and don't forget to keep us posted with updates and photos!

  3. Yes! Four more days to get lost in bead heaven!! Hope to meet you Lorelei ~ safe travels.

  4. I'm in the "wish I could go" group... but that won't stop me from enjoying all the blog stories afterwards! Have a great trip, Lorelei!

  5. Anonymous6/04/2012

    Everything you have been making is amazing! Have a great time at Bead and Button!

  6. Looking forward to hanging at B&B :)


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