Keeping up with Lorelei

There are a few ways to keep up with the jewelry I am making and putting up for sale. I know I put a lot out there on an almost daily basis. I have heard that some may have trouble snagging pieces, if they are maybe in another country or in a different time zone.

The first best place to keep watch for new designs is Facebook. I upload all photos to my personal Facebook page before posting them for sale.  Please feel free to friend me on Facebook. I do have a business page on Facebook but don't tend to update that page like I do my personal page. I have had thoughts of just posting new items to my business page instead of my personal page, but iPhoto tends to upload them quickly and directly to my personal page and that's a lot easier for me.

I also upload all of my photos to Flickr. Here is my Flickr account. Feel free to add me as a contact there.

I don't always blog every listing so the blog is probably not the best place to catch things. If you have me favorited on Etsy, you can always keep track of those listings there, but as for the webstore you'll have to follow that shop. There is no way of adding RSS feed as far as I can tell. I will try to find out more about that via contacting support. But til then, you'll have to just favorite the website and check in regularly.