I am sitting at the worktable in ornamentea chilling to sounds of Edie Brickell. it's cool inside the shop. Buzzing with bead shoppers. I just finished shopping for some beads. Last night's book signing was fun. There was an awesome turnout and Erin's Make and Take was full for 2 hours. we went out after and enjoyed some food and peach sangria (love) at The Raleigh Times bar. Good times!
I would seriously be in big trouble if I lived near this bead shop. It's just such a fun place to hang out!
Did I mention the beads? Da Beads is here having a trunk show and I picked up some cool and unique glass and copper strands.
I also got a few things for my gift exchange with Kathleen Klik. We both are participating in the Oh Hello blog gift exchange. I got Kathleen's gift on Thursday and I can't wait to show you what I got from her and what I bought for her. I will post about this next week.

Another few things to watch out for....
- keirsten Giles cone challenge reveal on Aug 1
- a blog challenge with Beadin Path
Complete with purchasable kits
- my bead soup blog hop reveal on Aug 11


  1. holy cow...looks like a great shop...wish i lived near...

  2. It's so awesome to see photos of this bead store!!! Mr. Sequin and I lived in Durham, and he took me to Ornamentea.

    If you get a chance, Rare Earth Beads has two locations in the Raleigh-Durham area. They have some cool things. Also, Sarah's Empanadas in Durham has the awesomest food. Like, ever. :)

    Oh, and if you're looking for any more blog hops to join, I've got one going on my blog. <3

  3. I'm with you, Lorelei... it's much easier on the self-control meter if you aren't TOO close to beady awesomeness 24/7. We appreciate our visits so much more that way. (And I think your new word "Ornamentea'd" should be in the dictionary!)

  4. I love this bead store, Through photos. I am not lucky enough to travel.. yet! Looks like all you ladies are having fun! It's so much fun to see others photographs. I would love to see more of your and Erin's Studios. Have a wonderful night!!

  5. what a fun shop!!! jealous, our only shop is closed due to fire & my not re-open :(


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