Portsmouth NH

Stopping in Portsmouth to eat at the brewery before heading north to Ogunquit. Thanks to the Blogger iPhone app I can bring you along on our trip.
Feelin so relaxed already!


  1. So jealous I could almost cry, I grew up in NH, and Ogunquit is one of my favorite places...haven't been back in 20 odd years...take a walk on margin way for me...or maybe some more pictures...enjoy! I'll be visiting vicariously through you...

  2. I meant marginal way...

  3. Have a great vacation Lorelei =)
    I have done mine on last friday - sunday. And brought a lot of photos to share on my blog. But the important is I'm ready to 'rock' again. I hope you have the same feeling after your vacation. Brings some great jewelry designs...

  4. Thanks for bringing us along girl I could use a vacation...Ya'll have a blast for all of us...thanks bye for now and enjoy


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