I never go in Sears. But yesterday I was wandering the mall, bored.  Pretty bad when I have to go the mall, especially our awful mall, to combat boredom.
They had a huge sale going on, 30% off already discounted prices of all the Lands' End Summer stuff. I started looking around and before I knew it, had an arm load of stuff to take to the dressing room!  Shorts didn't fit well. They are apparently made for someone without hips. But everything else was great! I am so psyched!

I got this cute Red dress. Great for work. Plus the three quarter sleeves will be warm in the sub-zero basement where my office is. It's a nice soft French Terry fabric, and the sleeves roll up with those fun little button tabs. Would look great with this bracelet.

I got this linen shirt in a light chambray blue. The only problem is it gapes a bit in the front so I'll need to find a safety pin. But great for work or dressing down with shorts. 

I didn't find a pic of the Perfect Green cardigan. Always wishing I had nice and colorful cardigans to wear to work. But this one is great, the green is really outstanding. I could wear it with this necklace!

Also got this sweet French Terry skirt, good for anything. Nice and comfortable and will be great for vacation next week. Would be super cute with a white t-shirt and this bracelet.

And finally this awesome plaid dress. Loved the neck line! Gorgeous and screams summer! Being a busy print I wouldn't want to wear any complicated jewelry with this dress, maybe just these earrings.

Now, what to wear today....?

Check out Sears next time you're at the mall! You may get lucky!


  1. Oh, I never have a patience to dig through rails with sale clothes, and never can decide on which color or dress I should take. I am just rubbish at shopping for me, shopping for others it is a different story tho;) I love the red dress the most and obviously all the jewelery you have picked up to match your findings. Great stuff.

  2. Cute finds! Especially the plaid dress. Yes, you never know where you will find cool stuff. I am always amazed at some of the stuff at stores you wouldn't think to look at!

  3. Love the plaid dress!!

    And about the shirt that gapes in the front...attach a small snap there, safety pins always leave such ugly holes in the fabric!

  4. I like seeing your pic for clothes to pare with your jewelry. I would suggest a jewelry pin since you are a jewelry designer. Something small & tasteful.

  5. You can buy those convertible pin-back/bail findings so you could have a double-duty piece of jewellery you could use as a pendant or a pin. Nice fashion choices... Note to self: must check out Sears!

  6. The Sears/Land's End sales are THE best - been shopping them for years. Can't tell you how many pieces I've purchased for less than $10. The winter sales are always real bargains. And what I love is that everything is always orderly on the racks/tables - no digging around necessary.
    Lorelei, you got a great stash!

  7. Lovely finds! loving that plaid dress

  8. I was going to suggest sewing a great bead to close the gap. Maybe a shell or something summery. I have done that before.


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