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Home Sweet Home.  I picked up this sweet floral pendant at Bead & Button from Golem Studios. I love the red flowers and thought I would add a cute ceramic house bead from Elukka, and some green Turquoise ovals and brass spacers. The little button has the sweetest bird on it. Love the simplicity of jewelry like this. It's unfussy and can be worn with anything.

This new necklace features one of Nancy's Firefly pendants. This was one of those totally random designs, where I just started grabbing whatever was on my desk in front of me. I added some of those large lucite hoops that I got in Maine at The Beadin' Path.  They are large but work great in conjunction with the firefly.
The silk ribbon softens the whole piece up. I was playing around with photography and found that this piece can be work with any section at the front.

A simply and organic bracelet with agate nuggets and apatite nuggets. The bronze focal is from LeAnn of SummerStudiosEtc.  I love the color palette in this piece. I wanted to add a charm by the clasp but couldn't find the perfect one so I went without one.

Here's a fun Bee bracelet with one of Nan's Spirited Earth ceramic connectors. Loving the variety of blues and greens. I knotted the beads on hunter green waxed linen cording. Added some ties of hemp cording for some extra texture on one side and some wire wrapped rondelles on the opposite side.

Got a few custom made hourglass shaped lampwork beads from Leah of Beads of Passion.  I hammered some brass wire, and added some golden pyrite nuggets, and made large hammered loops at the top for some unique earrings. The denim blue does not photograph well but it is a gorgeous color in person.

I have made earrings like these before, but using some of Elaine Ray's coin shaped beads. This pair features some of her new striped rounds.  The trick with these is getting the wires to be exactly the same. It's really tough! They turned out pretty cool though.


  1. Totally in love with that last pair of earrings! Those beads are luscious, love them with the dark golden brass. Fabulous design! I also love the firefly necklace, sometimes those off-the-cuff designs turn out to be sheer genius! All the elements are perfect together.

  2. I'm with Keirsten. I love the shape of those wires! I have been playing around with singles of that same bowed shape and love it. But getting two the same is always the challenge! Such lovely designs. Makes me itch to create since all I have been doing is staring bug eyed at my computer for days! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. I love the first necklace. The pendant is beautiful. The agate bracelet is very very pretty. Actually they all are. One day I will own one for your beauties. I may be a old lady then, But I will own one. Lol. Have a wonderful afternoon!

  4. Love those earrings too!!! So beautiful, simple and sophisticated. I also enjoy all the mixed hues in the green and blue bracelet. Wonderful pieces Lorelei.

  5. Wow what a nice post.I am felling glad on this post.Can you more share with me.I will come back as soon.

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  6. I'm always inspired by your designs, Lorelei... I love how you mix such diverse, one of a kind beads and components.

  7. Beautiful! Thanks again for making my beads look so fabulous.

  8. Such beautiful jewelry. I want to buy it all! These would be such great party favors...


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