Button, Button

I love layers. Layering ceramic discs, and vintage buttons. I also love the texture that is added to a piece using waxed linen cording. This new necklace features a new technique using jump rings, layered discs/buttons and waxed linen cording. When I started making this piece, it first wanted to be a necklace, then it insisted on being a bracelet, and then it became both.

At 23" long it can wrap 3 times around my 7 inch wrist. But looks really cool as a simple necklace too. I find that the discs lay nicely when worn to one side.

It's available for sale here.


  1. Great design-love it! Also like that it can be worn as both a necklace and a bracelet.

  2. Gorgeous; I absolutely love it. Those polka dot ceramic discs are just lovely.

  3. First of all. it is very original and you combine such different as texture and froms materials. But teh result is great: it proves that the simplicity is the most pureful!

  4. Buttons are so humble but can be so beautiful. You made a gorgeous piece that honors the past but is very contemporary. Love it!


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