Celebrity Crush

Do you ever sit and wonder what it would be like if a celebrity bought your jewelry? I do, all the time. I already picked a few hot tamales that could rock my designs, in my opinion.  I just need to get them to notice my work. Hmmmm. That could be tricky.

First up, Drew Barrymore. Drew is care-free, and brave enough to wear something off the wall and completely unique. I could see her wearing the more daring necklaces like this one.

Reese Witherspoon, seems like the contemplative type, who might look great wearing something simple but whimsical.

And Jessica Biel, a gorgeous girl who you know can definitely rock any style. She'd look great in one of my eclectic bracelets like this one!


  1. Totally agree! You should just send them something!! You go girl!


  2. I can totally see them wearing your stuff! And that last bracelet would absolutely go perfectly with her dress - definitely you should suggest it to her ;-)

  3. maybe you could find out who their stylists are and send them some thing, I totally agree these gorgeous girlies would rock your pieces

  4. Anonymous8/05/2012

    Love the drew one with those pin wheels, great style

  5. Ha, I know just what you mean, even if I don't do it all the time, or as specific as you have shown here. Great looking pieces all of them. Perfect! I remember I designed a really classy necklace with some big green druzy stones I'd seen on Etsy. They were gotgeous and very expensive, and they would sit so perfectly on the Swedish princess Madeleine. It all only happened in my dreams of course ... And I have thought about some of my pieces suiting for Swedish celebrities, like actressess and such.

    Love the bracelet btw. :-)


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