The Lovely Gift Exchange with Kathleen Klik

 I participated in the Lovely Gift Exchange hosted by Danni of Oh, Hello Friend: You are Loved. Danni pairs up the participants and we exchange the loveliest gifts we can muster up.
My partner in this round, was Kathleen Klik, who some of you may know. She's a jewelry designer for her business Modern Nature Studio.

Kathleen got my gift yesterday so be sure to watch her blog for her post about what she received from me.

In this post, I am going to share step by step pics from when I opened her gift. I shot every step because just from looking at the outside of the package, I knew it was going to be a good one! Kathleen, she knows how to put together a lovely package for sure!  The exterior brown paper had a pretty white floral pattern on it.

 Underneath, was a cardboard box, that had a cool white sunshine pattern on it. Still trying to figure out how she did that! She created her own little card for the top with leafy cutouts. Adorable!
Inside the box, was a brown paper wrapped package complete with some brown ribbon, and there are those leafy cutouts! Brilliant!
I opened the brown paper and found a card. A lovely and nature inspired Fern card, wrapped in more brown ribbon.

Inside was a lovely printed note, a couple of her business cards, and a separate note card telling me to open it last.

OH! The owl paper! I just love this! A pinecone! and a stamped tag with my name on it. Beautiful green ribbon. A package almost too pretty to open, but I continued!

 Inside was a pretty floral magnetized gift box.

The box featured little compartments with gifts in each. :)

First, some ribbon and yarns, some silk dyed ribbon, cute owl ribbon teal and yellow yarns.... Gorgeous!

In the first compartment, I found a coupla owls! 2 Lampwork glass owl beads from Simply Cindy...
and a sweet green ceramic owl from Firefly Design Studio.  Yea, I would say Kathleen knows me pretty well!

Then there was a sweet white House bezel pendant from Captured Moments.
Ideas are swirling for this piece. How can I avoid the hated Resin? I'll find a way.

And finally some awesome little brass charms and shibuichi goodies.
The toggle and tube beads are from Dry Gulch Beads 
My new favorite place. just take a look, you'll die!
Owl charm is from Lima Beads... Twigs, bird and tree are from CLBeads on Etsy. And the Dragonfly charm came from a vendor at Bead Fest.

Lastly, I opened the final envelope where a card was hand written with all of the contents suppliers and business cards!

INDEED a lovely package, from a lovely friend. Thanks Kathleen!


  1. LOVE that owl paper! Did she share where that was from? What a great gift!

    1. The owl paper is from
      Sold by the sheet!

  2. What a great treasure box!

  3. Wow! What a fantastic gift! I am impressed you could restrain yourself whilst opening to take photos at each stage - I am totally a parcel-ripper-opener!

  4. Love the owl paper!! The entire gift is wonderful!! I'm a big owl lover also. Can't wait to see what you create. Hope you have a magnificent day!!

  5. I am so happy that you liked the wrapping and everything inside! As soon as I saw the owl paper and beads/pendant; I knew they would be the perfect gift to get for you! Dry Gulch has been my favorite small bead shop on the internet for years-lots of goodies there and a really wonderful owner. The flower toggle is very Lorelei, so I had to get that for you as well! I really enjoyed exchanging gifts with you! Thank you for such a lovely write up!

  6. OMG what care went into that package! And all such wonderful goodies inside!

  7. The owl paper simply awesome! Great goodies!

  8. Oh my, that's quite the stash of goodies and so thoughtfully presented!

  9. Such a gorgeous package and the treasure inside are so lovely. I enjoyed watching every step and felt like I was getting a gift too! haha. The last part with the suppliers names and cards is such a nice touch.

  10. Aw, what a lovely, thoughtful gift and the packaging is just beautiful!

  11. You guys are incredible! i'm lucky if i can throw a gift in a bag with some white tissue paper on top. such lovely packaging!

  12. Hooray! What a wonderful package!

  13. Wow. . .what a fabulous package. All of the layers of packing and thought that went into each of those layers is really special. I know you'll treasure it all!

  14. I love all the goodies that she sent you but what really has me speechless is the packaging. It is truly incredible.


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