Something Completely Different

Her blog is fun and easy to read. Her artwork always inspires me. Watching her paint is mesmerizing. I'm talking about the extremely talented Geninne Zlatkis. I know you'll be hooked the minute you start reading her blog. She is always posting such gorgeous photography of the plants and flowers around her home, and pictures of her home in Mexico. You'll be smitten with her talented Architect husband who builds the most gorgeous homes I've ever seen. She really creates the most beautiful things, no matter if it's stamped paper stationary, or her own stamped linen dishclothes, or when she transforms her nails with only a white paintpen. I get lost in her blog. I feel this warm fuzzy feeling come over me and I am always in a happy mood when I leave.

Every click is eye-catching and completely inspiring.  And now she's written a book on Designing and Creating your own Artful stamps. Check it out, it's on my wishlist. But I may just get it on Kindle so I can see it on my computer.


  1. Wow, Lorelei, who hasn't dreamed of designing their own stamp? Will definitely check out her blog.


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