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Mr. Eurto
7th Grade English

Meet my hubby, Mr. Eurto. Joe has been teaching English about 15 years now. This year, he decided to come up with a program to get his students to read more. What better way to entice them, than with prizes. So he developed a program at Donor', where parents, friends, supporters and whoever else can donate money so that Joe can give away 3 Nooks to his students who read the most pages in the challenge.

Here's some info!

My Students: Our school has been identified by the State of New York as one in need of intervention due to the low ELA scores in 7th and 8th grade. I have put forth a reading challenge that will motivate them to read.

My students are in seventh grade and the school has just undergone a Joint Intervention Team review by the State of New York. This was caused by very low test scores on State tests in ELA. The community is economically challenged and the closure of the Air Force base has lead to a vastly different population. 

My Project: I have developed a Literacy challenge for all 125 of my students. Each student will be required to read independently for a 5 week session. They will log their pages read for each reading session. At the end of the five week period, the total number of pages read will convert to a test grade. The grade conversions are as such: 100=350+,95=325-349, 90=300-324, 85=275-299, 80=250-274, 75=225-249, 70=200-224, 65=100-199, 60=1-99. This will take place seven times throughout the year. On June 5, 2012, student that have read 1600 pages will be given a free pizza party and the top three page readers will have earned a NOOK!

If you want to support Joe's project, head on over to his Reading Challenge and log in your donation! It's such a fun cause and I know his kids will absolutely excel this year because of this. He's got $766 to go! Please give a little if you can! 

UPDATE:  Good til Sept 30: The company,Donor's Choose, will MATCH your donation dollar for dollar- enter code INSPIRE when donating! Look for MATCH code (on the page where you enter payment information)  and enter INSPIRE here!

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  1. This is a wonderful project. I can't imagine a world without books and reading. Good on you, Joe, for taking up the initiative to encourage your students to read.

  2. I love this! Good for him for encouraging his students, we need more teachers like this.

  3. easycinderella9/25/2012


    I just finished reading "I'd Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had" (I took it out from the library). I think Joe would really enjoy reading it, and, at least, take something away from it. By Tony Danza. Joe would probably find it worthwhile reading when he is not correcting papers!

  4. Done and Done. Just donated! Good luck to Joe on his project. Certainly a worthy cause. Go Joe!!

  5. Anonymous9/27/2012

    He is an inspiration....Bless the teachers!

  6. Anonymous10/02/2012

    What a fantastic way to get kids to read something other than their texts to each other or their video game instructions! Way to go Joe!!


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