Visit from the kiddos

It was a wonderful and productive weekend. We had Joe's family up for the 3 day holiday weekend, including the 2 kiddos, Max and Alexandra. First thing they wanted to do when arriving, BEADING of course!! Surprisingly enough, BOTH of the kids wanted to make things in the studio. Typically Maxwell would be attached to Joe's hip, but not this trip! ;)

We had a good ol' time, making bracelets mostly for Alex, Mom and Grandma too.

Max worked on a bracelet for Grandma, with red and blue beads. I gave him a focal bead from Golem Studios for the center. I attached a clasp for him, but he did all the designing himself. He worked diligently against the ruler to get exactly the right size.

Day one, Alexandra made 3 pieces. All for herself of course. And then on day two, I taught her Lesley Watt's technique with some beads from My Elements. It came out so cute, and unfortunately in all the excitement, I never got a picture of the finished masterpiece.  She took it off and put it on numerous times because she's constantly doing cartwheels around the house and gymnastics and jewelry just don't mix. ;)

Monday afternoon after the family left, I had some quiet time up in the studio and put together some simple earrings and bracelets to update my shop. What with all the excitement of the new Jewelry Accord store, I didn't really have time to make things. Finding that perfect balance between shops will be the biggest challenge for me.

All three can be found in my webstore.


  1. What a great time with the kids! Budding jewelry artists. So nice they both wanted to hang out with you and make jewelry.

  2. look at him so focused! those skinny arms and that big blond head- reminds me soooo much of my nephew! awwww, too cute. of course now im just fixated on 'lesley watts technique? what who which?' i'll pull out my copy....

  3. Glad you had a great time with the kids.


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