Happy Tuesday

I'm guessing no one had any strong opinions one way or another about the scheduled shop updates?  Here I was thinking it would make it easier to know when they are coming so that people wouldn't miss out on their favorite designs.... guess I was wrong? You awake? knock knock knock....is this thing on?

Well today's update is done.  at Etsy. A whole whopping 3 pieces. Sorry but this was all I could crank out before I had to go park my ass in front of the TV. Fall season means all of my favorite shows are on, and then some. It's a huge time sucker, I do admit. But I cannot get enough of the following favorites, old and new:

Mike and Molly
Married to Jonas
The Neighbors- HYSTERICAL!
Modern Family
Breaking Amish- New and So Fascinating!
and there are probably a million more that I'm forgetting....

Oh and it should be an interesting day at work today. that's all for now....