feeling insecure. that pretty much sums it up these days. insecure in every aspect of my life. wondering if i just wait to see if some sign will help me know that my decisions are good ones. anyway, I am quite glad it's friday. I need a weekend to decompress. Looking forward to the Cooperstown beverage trail with friends on Sunday. I hope the weather is wonderful!

Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Aww, we all feel that way from time to time; you're not alone. :)) It could quite possibly have something to do with the change of seasons and the coming of winter. Once when I was going through a difficult time (hmmm..this time of year, also) I heard someone speak and she said something to the effect of ... "No matter how hard we work and no matter how hard we try, some things will always be out of control which will make us feel insecure." She went on the say that.. "like the farmer who works hard to plant his crops still has many factors that are out of his hands. All that we can do... all that is asked, is that we do our best....working hard and having faith." Spring is always coming for new I think I've butchered it a bit, but I hope you understand. Much love to you :))

  2. Hi Lorelei, Lori Anderson just did a guest interview about being kind to yourself. Here's the address
    I think it might help you. Just step back & look at all you have accomplished & the people in your life. I think that you are marvelous. The first blog I read each day is yours. You have a business doing something that you love and you inspire people each day, probably in ways you don't even realize. Maybe this is just a reaction to the high of your book coming out. Hope this weekend with friend helps. By the way I have referenced back to your outstanding book several times since reading it.

  3. Lorelei, you have no reason to feel insecure. You are a beautiful and talented woman. Change your focus. Start every day with "the attitude of gratitude". Be grateful for what you have and all the people who care for you and love you. Most women would trade places with you in a heart beat. You are an inspiration to jewelry makers all over the world. I read your blog every day and get inspired by your beautiful jewelry. I have your book and look at it every day to give my muse a push.
    Thank you for being inside my computer where I can find you every day.

  4. Lori, I feel very strongly that decisions of this type are rarely good or bad - they just are what they are. There will be lots of forks in the road: tweak what you're doing? hang in there? abandon the plan and do something else? stay the course but augment it with something?

    You are intelligent, experienced, and creative. Of course, this is scary; it wouldn't be worth doing if it were not. Will it turn out exactly like you want it to or plan for it to? Probably not; but that doesn't mean it won't turn out well. I think the worst case scenario is that it will open doors you hadn't anticipated and you may have to make additional decisions about how to deal with it. I also think you have the ability to deal with those changes and challenges as they come up. What is that saying. . . that the Chinese character for 'crisis' is a combination of danger and opportunity?

    Get it into your mind that this is an adventure, and embrace that. This isn't going to fail, unless you choose to see it that way if it doesn't turn out the way you planned. You're going to learn some things, but I also think you'll come out on the other side with newfound confidence and maybe the discovery of skills you hadn't realized you have!


  5. I suspect there are many of us that feel that way from time to time. When this happens to me I try to focus on the positive and list the things I'm good at and the blessings I've been given. It helps to be around positive people and supportive friends/family.

    You've got a lot of talent, and you have many accomplishments that I can only dream about. Your blog always inspires me, and the fact that you have 1330 followers shows that you inspire so many people.

    Sometimes things are out of our control, and really there is not much one can do then, except rely on faith, family and friends to help get us through. It will get better--I guarantee it.

    My wish for youis a fun, carefree weekend, and comfort and strength through the yucky times.

  6. lorelei! from what i read and have LOVE ! everything else will fall into place...hang in there...xo lucia

  7. Sending you virtual <<<<>>>>, good thoughts and prayers. Just remember Scarlett, "Tomorrow is another day!"

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  9. Hugs to you. Here's hoping the weekend rejuvinates you! I have learned recently that when thisgs get tough I take a few minutes for a "pity party" and then remind myself to move forward. Forward is not always secure, but it is movement none the less.

  10. My dad always says, keep your chin up! (even though I am 44 years old) and it is true. :-) You know I am the queen of turning life upside down. Who quits a job and goes to Paris to study embroidery?? Heh. Things have a way of working out and when they don't, well, I know some good people have your back. Hang in there!

  11. A weekend to decompress sounds like exactly what you need! My advice is to try to have as much fun as possible. Eat your favorite foods, see your favorite people. Snuggle lots and lots of cute animals, as long as you don't have allergies to them. :)

    Insecurity and discomfort tend to show up whenever we stretch outside of our comfort zone. They're not fun emotions, but they are a sign that we're shaking things up and making progress. When I feel that way, I try to remind myself that life is a process of fire-fire-fire-aim, where we try new things and adjust our actions/reactions from there. As long as you keep firing and aiming, you'll be fine. I'm sure of it.

  12. Hey Lorelei, not sure what has you so down but sometimes life has a way of hitting us and we don't know which way is up!! Life is an evolution and it may not seem good today but it will get better. Think about all of the beauty you put into the world, it will only come back to you!! Hugs!!!!

  13. Mama said there'd be days like this...Sorry you're having one. The big secret is that even the people who really seem to have their act together feel like this at times.
    Hope the weekend with friends does the trick!

  14. I think that there might be something in the air. I kind of feel it too. The rules of the game are changing... kind of like the terrain has been gradually shifting and we're all finally sensing it. Just follow your heart and try your best. It's these times of free-fall, where we're made anew, galvanized by our actions. So, spread your wings... and take off!

  15. Maryjoe10/13/2012

    Even if i will not know how to write well my message (because it's not my mother tongue...)
    I only want to tell you that i wish you will find peacefull.
    My dad used to say "choose means to renonce", i dont know if you have an expression like that, but for me, he always say that to me when i feel like you : when i dont know if my decisions are good or not... when i feel insecure or sad or a little depressed.
    Yes, sometime there are no goods or wrongs decisions... we can only do the better we can...
    I think of you and hope that the weekend will help decompress
    I'm so fan of your work, look what you have done and believe in you.
    Maryjoe - your french fan!

  16. I remember in my 30's feeling more sure of myself than in my 20's but still questioning if I was where I needed to be at that age. The good news is that with each decade I worry less about things that flooded my mind at a younger age. The bad news is you have to get older to get that wisdom.

  17. It always amazes me that successful and experienced people (jewellers) also can feel insecure! It gives me hope for myself that feels this way all the time! I believe there is always a reason for things to happen a certain way, and I think this time the reason for your uncertainty is to inspire those of us that is still struggling to get the hang of beading. Thank you so much for sharing that even you can sometimes feel unsure . . .

    Bead Soup Mix


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