Marley's going to the vet

I have my annual open house sale this weekend.  This week has been busy filled with creating jewelry, planning a snack menu, cleaning the house up.... and then yesterday my cat Marley started acting her age. She's actually 15 years old. We got her in 1997 as a sweet little kitten.  I have a vet appoint in an hour. Of COURSE, she defies all logic and decides to race around the house this morning at top speed. So now the vet appointment feels kind of a silly but I suppose it's good that we go in case down the road I need to take her somewhere. I stopped taking her to the vet about 10 years ago as she really gets stressed out and we had a bad experience when they updated her shots, 3 at once, and she had an allergic reaction.  She stays indoors and isn't around other animals or any other pets so I figured why put her through all that??

I'll let you know how it goes. I expect that they may just tell me she's getting older and some days are better than others. I have noticed a small amount of weight loss, and have been seeing her drink more water lately. Leave it to me to totally become paranoid- but it's going to be good for my peace of mind.