Road Trip to Oneonta, an iPhone chronicle

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What better way to spend Columbus day than with my honey, on a road trip to uncharted territory. Well, for us it was anyway.  We mutually decided to take the day off officially, and head out to take in some of the Fall sights. We drove a little over an hour south to Oneonta.   (i do apologize for the blurry iPhone photos)

Here we are -posing up on the hill at Hartwick college, overlooking that valley below. The scenery was wonderful. Too bad our big skulls are in the way. Ahh, the trials and tribulations of taking our own pics I guess, eh?

No this pic isn't a mistake. On the way into town we hit up this big antique mall, in a Mill building which is pretty common here in NY state. 3 floors of many many vendors. I found the mack daddy booth of buttons  and picked out these stunners.

This was a panel on a newish (not antique) stained glass lamp we saw at the shop. Loved the dragonfly, and am inspired by these colors! I sense a new color combo in the Jewelry Accord shop. :)

Before lunch we actually literally STUMBLED upon the Butterfly Conservatory. We enjoyed a good 45 min. there. There was not only butterfies, but many other species of animals and birds. I took a bazillion photos. If you want to see more, go to my Flickr page. Otherwise, below are some highlights.

 Sometimes you have to sneak up on them so they don't bug out from the camera being in their little buggy faces.

This guy was just chillin, and one of the employees pointed him out for us. We would have never noticed him otherwise.

We then headed into town and had some lunch at the Red Caboose Restaurant. I do not recommend the Salmon burger. blech. but the atmosphere was great, and Joe's fish fry was pretty good. Sorry, no photos here.  And then, well we drove on home, and I napped in the car the whole way.
Which is pretty typical!  All in all, a great day to unwind and just relax together. Another busy week ahead for both of us. Next weekend, we are trying to plan a fun day doing the Cooperstown beverage Trail.

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