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Looking for inspiration? I can always find some (sometimes more than I need) at  I have been feeling like my office needs to be fixed up, re-organized and arranged in a more useful way. I like these 2 office spaces- where the main desk is kind of placed in the center of the room. The only problem is, where do I put all those ugly computer cords.  I'll have to figure that out. But this is something I want to do soon..

After that, I want to re-organize and configure my laundry room. It's a nightmare right now- as it's become this big old holding tank for 8 billion empty cans and bottles, and a mount of huge quilts and coverlets that my washing machine can't handle. Ahhh, I wish it looked like this....


  1. I have been looking for a table like that for my new craft room. I was going to have Mark make one for me, but I would get it much quicker if I just bought one! I wonder where that one is from? Maybe Ikea? I'll have to see if I can find it anywhere. I LURV Pinterest!!!

  2. I wish for a room like the first picture but we live in a little dollhouse - there will never be enought space for it :( But it is nice to dream.

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  3. I love the coolness and flow of the first room - such an incredible space! I'm going to continue to dream about such a lovely space. And yes, most def yes, to that lovely laundry room too! :)

  4. I think before I could achieve any of these things, I would need an absolutely humungous house! You just don't get the space over here in Europe. Maybe one day when I win the lottery.....

  5. It's fun to set some organizing goals. I have a huge need for more light in my new Dining room studio. So dark it's hard to work at night and kind of depressing. I love the light and fresh airy rooms you picked out :)

  6. I absolutely adore old, rustic furniture and things, but for my dream studio, I'm torn between that and total white like these you have pictured (I normally hate white cabinets, etc.) because when I work, I want a clean slate so I can create many different styles and white/neat/crisp really means a clean slate for me, this inspiration! Thanks for sharing


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