the really thick stuff

I recently placed an order with Objects and Elements and threw some leather cording in my cart last minute. When it arrived, it was this really super thick leather, 5mm!! That's thick baby! I was surprised. Okay, and a little bummed. Until I took it out of the package. You would think it's really stiff- it looks stiff but as soon as you unravel it, it's surprisingly supple! I love it. It worked well with bracelets and a necklace design.  I know, I went a little nuts and made all three of these pieces last night- instead of working with other components.... I had a blast with this leather.

Wire-wrapping the ends was easy even with a thicker gauge wire.  I found this to be the best way to finish my ends, because I was out of super glue so I couldn't use these cool end caps that I have.
This necklace above is my favorite. That brass piece was meant to be a vertical pendant.  But it had all these holes in it so I flipped it on it's side and started attaching schtuff to it, like this pewter butterfly and a Jade Scott flower pendant.

 Anyway, the leather is fun to work with. If you have a chance to accidentally order it, I hope you do!

These pieces will land in my etsy shop later today.


  1. I love it and the simplicity it lends with the designs. You are such a talented artist!

  2. Gina said it; a great way to present the focals!

  3. I've never used leather or any other type of cording because I'm scared I won't get the end pieces attached properly and the whole thing will fall apart when a customer wears it. I just need to get over that fear because I really do love this type of jewelry.

    Your pieces are beautiful!

  4. wow--you got lucky--most of my "surprise" orders have not gone so well. Mine are mostly "I thought it would be bigger" (common complaint for many women, hee hee.) Except for the ones I thought would be smaller. And the ones that I thought would be a different color.

  5. You know Lorelei I watch in amazement at the pieces you create and being that they are so far from my medium of choice some would be surprised at how much I love and admire them! These are no exception!!!

  6. My vendor neighbor in Albany this weekend was selling this leather with some cool magnetic closures. I am going to experiment with some big hole glass beads, kinda like a rustic pandora bracelet.

  7. Wow, looks super! Nice pieces you made with it.

  8. I have loads of thick leather in lots of colours and love it for bracelets - all your pieces re great.

  9. i dunno but i go crazy over thick leather. it needs very little embellishment for some reason, and you know im no minimalist. by the way those harbinger clasps are SOOOOO COOOOOL. and all the pendants in that style. so constructiony and awesome.


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