Vintaj Patinas

I know you are probably all shocked to hear that yesterday I actually sat down and did some altering of components using Vintaj Brass Co.'s new Ranger Patinas. That's not like me at all, I know. I rarely sit down long enough to alter anything but I got some samples in the mail last week from Jess, and they really did intrigue me.  I have to say. They totally ROCK.

Above I am showing what I did. The first thing I did was the teal and green patina chain in the Acorn necklace, bottom left.  It turned out so cool! The color is so vibrant, I didn't use the glaze. Just painted it on using a flat brush and did a little buffing with the metal reliefing block. I watched quite a few of their how-to videos on Youtube. Check out their YouTube channel.

Then I sort of went nuts, and did the butterfly (bottom right) , and Keyhole you see in the top left. Those were so easy. Just painted a few colors on and buffed them afterwards.
My favorite is the chain though. The bracelet in the top right, is a steel chain and I colored it with the light blue (Marine) and Nouveau Silver. It gave it a great look but pairing the chain with gold, teal blue and mustard yellow just made it pop that much more!

I used the Nouvea Silver on the big heavy brass chain in the top left pic. It really transformed that chain and gave it so much more depth and interest. I really can see myself using these patina inks much more, they are easy, and dry so super fast, you will not believe it.

Guess what I have for you! I am going to have a flash giveaway for 2 sets of inks. I have Antique Window and Weathered Copper. I will select 2 random winners tomorrow morning. All you have to do, is leave a comment. Then leave more comments if you blog, facebook, twitter, or Pinterest the giveaway for extra entries!