This necklace I made last night for the update that is happening tomorrow.  I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. The colors are amazing and perfect in every way.

I uploaded photos to Flickr and Facebook of the other jewelry in the update tomorrow. A couple of pieces from Bohemian Inspired Jewelry will be listed too.

In the next few days, I anticipate the order I placed at Vintaj Brass Co. for findings. Some of them are for the Jewelry Accord shop.  Also waiting for an order from AD Adornments. Some Pretty new printed ribbons coming from Australia. And a few new colors of linen cording from Royalwood Ltd.

I have a new pair of earrings up over at the Earrings Everyday blog, check those out.  There is a very cool video included of some awesome Starling murmurations!

 I anticipating a more relaxed day today, thank Goodness.  My intuition was right about yesterday. It's really unfortunate that businesses have to make cuts to make their organization operate at the levels they need. Seems like there could be so many other ways to fix the issue. Unfortunately in the restructuring, we lost a few great team members.  Fortunately, I was not one of them.

That's really all I can say about it, and I really fear that I've said more than I should.  But it's very sad- these are people who depended on this organization to help them live.  It may be necessary, but it's a total bummer nonetheless.


  1. I'm sorry about whats going on at work. I'm guessing you are feeling both relieved and guilty for not getting the pink slip. My husband lost his job this summer and only now found a job after relentless searching. Of course Kansas does not offer much in the way of jobs. As you mentioned, there are other ways to cut expenses such as reviewing wastefull spending, and maybe the 15 CEO's don't need to earn millions, and maybe we don't need 15 CEO's....sheesh! Yep, I'm a little bitter because he was there for nearly 24 years. And now we have to start all over again in terms of medical care, sick leave, salary level etc. But maybe this will only make us stronger.

    I hope there will be no more cuts where you work, and that all ends well for everyone involved.

  2. Just checked out your flickr page - gorgeous! You've really outdone yourself this time. Love that tapestry ribbon! I'll bet it was hard to thread through that hole in the button.

    Glad you didn't lose your job.

  3. Anonymous10/03/2012

    Your necklace is lovely and I really like the saying on that bead! Hopefully we will get a new president and the economy will bounce back, finger's crossed!

  4. I'm so sorry about the layoffs at the museum. Best of luck to those people because it's not easy out there. I agree that there should be a better way.

  5. Love the necklace. Sorry for the folks who lost their job; it's difficult for those who don't too. You feel lucky it wasn't you, but then guilty because you feel that way.

  6. Sad news about your coworkers...being in a setting where that's been the norm every spring for the past few years, I know the stress it causes even for the people who are spared from the cuts.

    Love the mix of shapes in your necklace :)


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