12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap

I hosted a 12 days of a Christmas gift swap last year and it was a lot of fun. It's sweet getting little packages in the mail but takes some self control to wait open them starting Christmas day!  At least it was tough for me. I love the idea of gift giving, especially sweet handmade gifts. This year I wanted to so something similar, but have a group for beads and then a general gifts group too. I have been playing around with different ideas of how to go about the details and this is what I've come up with. I hope ya'all are excited!
* All US and International Participants welcome to enter. I am trying to do this early so that we all have ample time to get our gifts mailed and received.
* This gift swap will start Christmas day and continue for 11 days 
* This is a fun activity where 12 participants will create 11 gifts (either all the same or all different), mail them out to each of the participants, opening one each day starting Dec. 25 onward, and then chronicle the gifts you receive on your blogs.  Yes, you must have a blog to participate. Wanna start one? Buy my eBook and learn how!
* Please do not show pictures of your gifts beforehand so that we are all surprised!
* Gifts should be wrapped and labeled with a number for each day. Each participant will be assigned a number, 1-11 (the 12th will be you)
* You will be responsible for shipping to each of the participants. This could get expensive. I will make sure there are an equal amount of International vs. US participants. Think about shipping when creating or choosing your gifts.
* I will start a Flickr Group too, for you to upload your photos of gifts, after they've been revealed.

There will be 2 groups.  

Group #1 will be for Components/Pendants/Beads- You will create by hand ( no store bought beads/components please)  11 beads or components and for 11 days, you'll open each component, and chronicle gifted beads on your blogs.

Group #2 will be general gifts- Since we all love handmade gifts, I suggest you make these gifts by hand, but they can be in any genre you like. Ornaments, Jewelry, prints, potholders, whatever you desire!  Be creative and give gifts that you would love to receive yourself.

I need 11 participants ( I will be the 12th for both groups) for each of the 2 groups. That's 22 people!

Leave a comment on this post- be sure to include the following information:

Blog URL:
Group#1 Beads or Group #2 General

Please feel free to sign up for both groups. I will be picking the participants by random draw but it is not likely that you'll win spots in both groups.

I will announce the participants on Wednesday November 7th! Please check back here to see if you've been chosen!

It'd be cool if you could share this on your blogs using the button I've created for you, below! Just copy and paste the code into an html gadget on your blog side bar!

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