A sale!

I cannot quite believe how fast the last 3 weeks have gone by. Today is my last day of work. My office is cleaned out. People have been stopping in all week to say good-bye. It's really surreal. I kind of feel numb and it doesn't quite seem real yet. I'm sure Monday will come and it will be REALLY real. And you'll be reading posts here about how I am totally freaking out and wondering if I made the right decision.
My department is taking me out to lunch to celebrate my time at the Museum. It's always a good time when our group goes out to eat, sharing lots of laughs. It will be hard to walk away from them.

I'll repost this sale info on Friday.  I am taking a few days off but will be back this weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. I bet you'll wake up Monday morning with a GIGANTIC smile on your face!

  2. I remember thinking I would have the same feelings after leaving my job at the museum....I never looked back! Hopefully Monday is a glorious day for you :)

  3. What time on thursday night? I only ask because I need to figure out what time in Arizona it will be.


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