Annual Open House sale

Want to share some pictures of my set up yesterday for my Open house.  I am sorry I don't have any photos with actually guests in them, but people always arrive in a flurry and I'm too busy gabbing or writing up receipts to take pics!

Pizza Roll with Spinach and Pepperoni
Key Lime Curd Cookie sandwiches
Tortilla chips with Taco flavored sour cream dip
Chocolate Chip Zuchini bread
Ritz Cracker chips, pepperoni, Dill and Garlic cheese, and Brie

I added an additional table (the kitchen table actually) so that I would have space to stand and check people out. This was a really smart addition as I am usually bent over on the dining room table when I do this. I also decided to move the show into the family room instead of having it in the dining room... for a change of a pace. It was still pretty tight so next year I may arrange the tables a bit differently to accommodate  more room to move around.

Here is the jewelry set up. Pretty similar to my usual set up. Tablecloths, wood crates, slate tiles, and linen colored busts and bracelet bars.  For the next few weeks I'll be devising my plan for the Indie Garage Sale the weekend of Dec 8-9. I will only be allowed to have 1 six foot table there so I'll really need to utilized vertical space.

All it all it was a great day! The weather was cold so Joe was happy to fuss with a fire in the fireplace.  He had invited some teachers from School too so that allowed him to have some people to chat with. The turn-out was fair, not as many people as I've had in the past but I did do well on the financial front so I am so thrilled. And so thankful for the few who did come and support me!

We had a good idea to possibly throw a Men/Husbands only open house sometime near Christmas- all of the ladies agreed that they would be so psyched to receive jewelry as gifts from their husbands. I'll have think more about this. Maybe have husband favorites- like chicken wings, football, and I could set up a table or 2 of jewelry to have them pick from. Now if I could come up with some clever name....

Yesterday Joe and I took Marley to the Paris Hill cat hospital. She had a physical exam (which was great, the vet said she's in really great shape) Marley hadn't been weighed in like 10 years so I'm not sure if her 6lb weight was low but looking at her I can tell she's lost a little bit of weight. We did a rabies shot. We did a stool test, came back normal for worms and parasites. We did blood work and can call for the results anytime after 10am today, Sunday. I am nervous to make that call.

I'm heading out to do some creating to keep my mind off of it. I hope you enjoyed this chronicle of my open house! I am looking forward to next year!