+ Yesterday I went back to church. I have never really been a steady church-goer but having a beloved Aunt on her deathbed has brought me back. We will go to many before we choose a favorite. Yesterday, we went to a newer parish. A very large Modern church with very few older folks, and many young people with families.  I'd like to try out a few Methodist churches in the area as well. Joe is Catholic, but I am Methodist.

+ I'll be decking the Halls at Fountain Elms today for the last time. A task I have grown to love and hate all at the same time. This year will be a bit different. Bittersweet.

+ Update on Marley. She is doing alright. Maintaining her weight. She's eating soft canned food but has become persnickety to the kinds she likes. Turned her nose up this morning at the stuff I have been giving her for the last week and a half. Now she likes the Pate. hmph. I feel very guilty leaving her this week for Thanksgiving.

+ Getting ready for a big Black Friday-Cyber Monday jewelry sale. Stay tuned for more info on that.

+ Looking forward to Turkey and spending time with my niece and nephew. It's been far too long since we saw them last. But will be quietly expecting the phone to ring about Carolyn. :(

+ I am looking forward to having some extra time to do things around my house that have been long ignored. My closet  All of the closets are a nightmare and need cleaning out. Purging of old clothes. Cleaning windows that have so much ick on them I can barely see out. you get the idea.

+ I have still not made it back to the gym. I keep saying, Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow.  4 days before Thanksgiving- is it really necessary?

+ I bought some Hostess cupcakes for old times sake. I used to eat a ton of these when I was in High School.  I wasn't missing much. They were disgusting. Clearly the tastes have changed or the recipe was effed with. blech.

+ There will be a clasp update hopefully tomorrow morning. Tin Snippets. Woot!

+ happy monday.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your aunt. It will be good to have family around this week. Be safe and have a good Thanksgiving!

  2. Sorry to hear about your Aunt :-(

  3. Very sorry about your Aunt. It will be very healing to have family with you this Holiday. I bet your house is not as bad as you claim. And Congrats on going back to Church. That in it self is a big step. Mark and I do not belong to one. Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy all the food and love around you.. The gym will be here when its over.

  4. So sorry that your Auntie is so very poorly. Life is hard at times, and cancer is such an awful, awful thing. Just had a 33-year old friend diagnosed today....such a vicious force. We are reeling. I hope your church going is soothing. I am not religious, but it can be a very calming experience to be in a group of people all together in quiet contemplation, whatever your beliefs. Both my grandads were methodist ministers but my Mum and I are break away atheists! Anyway, thinking of you and hoping that the find a cure someday for such a pernicious evil.

  5. I think our tastes grow more sophisticated as we get older. That is what I tell myself, at least, when the candy bar that was so delicious when I was a teen makes my teeth ache now! Have a good Thanksgiving!

  6. Anonymous11/19/2012

    New here... been popping in over the past week, but just now leaving my first comment. Love everything about your blog & the beautiful work you do!

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  8. I've had that phone call twice at this time of year. It is an particularly hard time of year to lose a loved one and you seem especially close to your Aunt. Be kind to yourself Lorelei and enjoy the time with your family as much as you can. All the best.


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