Update on Mer

My friend Dot Winchell made this and I have been laughing all afternoon. All joking aside though, Marley is doing okay. We tried to go yesterday to the vet. It was a nightmare. By myself, I struggled and could not get her into the cat carrier. She just cried and cried at me, with legs flailing everywhere. I tried luring her in with treats. She's smarter than that. I tried pushing her down in from the zippered top, but I knew I would hurt her in doing so. After a good 20 minutes, I gave up. We rescheduled her appointment for a Saturday so that Joe could drive while I hold her, wrapped in a towel or blanket. We'll get her there, come hell or high water. She may LOOK like the boss of me, but she can think again. ;)

She is acting fine. Had another burst of energy today at lunch and went ripping through the house like a bat outta Hell. Her appetite seems unchanged... but she has been drinking more water lately. That, paired with the small weight loss I'm noticing, worries me and I won't be at ease until I find out what is causing these changes.  Joe thinks I'm overreacting but agreed that a trip to the vet is necessary.  I'll let you know what happens and if I notice more evident changes before next weeks appt.,  we'll get her there sooner.