So far so good, on the collections!  I have chunky necklaces, layered pendants, linked braclets, and chunky beaded bracelets. Today I will work on Harbinger Collection tin, and some earrings to round it all out. Maybe I should do one more necklace collection? or one more Bracelet collection? Any suggestions would be helpful!! Leave a comment!

Been sitting her all morning trying to psych myself up to get my butt to the gym. It's tough. I've had a few days off and got used to sitting on my fat ass. But I HAVE to go. I HAVE TO. No EXCUSES now. NONE.

I also have some new thoughts to revamp my jewelry display for my show. I am really excited about this upcoming show. It was juried and I'm still kind of amazed and humbled that I got into it! It is a pretty popular craft show in the Utica area.  If you're in the upstate NY area, you should definitely stop in to say Hi!

I'll also be working on some instructions for some magazine publication deadlines, this week. AND I have some other really exciting news too- but don't really know if I can announce it yet. I am going to be on a really awesome design team for a component company.  More info on that soon, I hope!