Gifts, Shipped

Here's the big ol' pile of my gifts for the Group #1 12 days of Christmas swap that I am hosting.  All wrapped with stickers of the recipients first name initial. Everthing got sent out this week. I can't show a picture of the gifts for Group #2 because I didn't really wrap them per say...  so that will be a surprise when I do a post after Day 1, Dec. 25th.  If you are participating and have any questions, please let me know.  Otherwise I trust that everyone got their gifts mailed out by today December 1st?
Just trying to allow for plenty of time for everyone to get all gifts before  Christmas day. I received 2 gifts in the mail yesterday!! It is SO HARD to not rip them open but I obeyed the rules and they are waiting patiently on my buffet in the dining room.

In other news, I am heading down to Elmira today to attend my Aunt Carolyn's funeral services. She joined her husband Buff in heaven on Black Friday- now so appropriately named. I have thought about her non-stop and have a hard time believing that she is gone. We used to be so close, exchanging monthly letters in the mail while I was in College. Being a few hours away, I rarely got down to visit with her and we slowly grew apart over time. Some of my favorite memories of her.... she loved playing cards. Had the best poker face. Sarcasm was her strong suit, and had me in stitches at almost every visit. Once I became an adult, and understood the sarcasm and humor,  we had an even closer relationship. She was so crafty- she and my uncle created these wood figures and he would cut them all with the saw, and she did all the pairing. They even did the whole craft show circuit for years, selling their wares. She and I had a fondness for stickers and paper- stationary and paper crafts. I think she played a big part in my crafty side, always nurturing me creatively. I miss her. It's going to be hard to say good-bye today.