Indie Garage Sale

It's always smart to do a dry run when planning for a craft show, so I set up my table a few days ago and took some pictures to see how it looks. I liked how it turned out.  Instead of using slate tiles which can get pretty heavy when carting them around, I covered some pieces of mdf board with a neutral linen fabric that matches my busts.

 I plopped this big ol wooden box at the center to add some height and put my metal crates on top to hold the earring cards.  I am definitely displaying less at this show. I am sticking to my guns and just displaying the collections but I am bringing some extra stuff in case things sell out. Oh, wouldn't that be nice!! We can only hope!

I couldn't sleep last night. Butterflies!! I always get the pre-show jitters.  We set everything up last night. There is going to be over 100 vendors at the show. It's a pretty small space though, a small gymnasium at the Jewish Community center.  I hope the traffic flows well! Set up was a cinch- just need to take the jewelry in this morning and get that set up and ready for the 11am opening time.

 Wishing I had made more Harbinger tin pieces.  Worse comes to worse I can always try to whip something up tonight after the show.

I love how the pieces look on that linen fabric. Nice and neat and clean, unfussy! And the color stands out so much better than on the slate tile. Another reason I did this was because the show is in this gym and we won't have any electricity to add our own lighting so I wanted people to be able to see things well, keeping everything neutral and light.

Wish me luck!! I hope it's a fast moving day with lots of traffic and friends to chat with! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Love the linen! I found Linen Canvases 3 weeks ago at an art store and used them for displays last week! They worked great and really showed things off well! And much easier to transport and set up. Looks fab and I think the idea "less is more" is very true. People get overwhelmed with choice these's nice to have it narrowed down!

  2. Brenda B12/08/2012

    So nice Lorelei! Best of luck with sales.

  3. Your display is wonderful. I love the linen--so earthy and clean and shows off your jewelry so well. I hope your show is successful!!!!

  4. Looks so good! Good luck!!

  5. Anonymous12/08/2012

    Best wishes for an awesome show. What I like best about your table display is the clean lines and spaces. It's much easier for customers to see each piece of jewelry in this uncluttered view. Well thought out! Something for me to seriously think about myself.

  6. Sounds like you thought about this very carefully and planned well. I totally agree with your thought process behind it all! Your display looks really great. Love the linen covered boards. Everything looks nice and cohesive and really shows of the jewelry. Your best display yet! You've done a great job preparing yourself for the show, you'll do great. I just hope lots of people come out to see you. Let us know how it goes.

  7. The display looks fantastic. I think the linen covered boards are a great idea. I did something similar recently. They are a great way to display pieces without just plopping them on the table. I tend to put too much jewelry out so if I ever do a show again I will try the "less is more" philosophy. And good luck!

  8. Love your display Lorelei. It sets off your pieces perfectly. I am sure everything will go well for you, and look forward to hearing all about it in future posts!


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