On the 4th day....

Group 1:
Pam Ferrari of Ferrari Original Beads gifted me these beautiful champagne flutes wrapped with glass beads and wire! Unfortunately, they were all snapped in half when I opened them up this morning. :( wahhh!

Pam makes beautiful lampwork glass beads, you should all definitely check out her etsy shop!!

Group 2:

Jodie Marshall crafted this sweet hand-crocheted wrist band, embellished with some of her own lampwork glass beads! It is so cute, and matched my shirt perfectly today! Thanks Jodie!
Check out Jodie's shop too!

My posts will resume on Sunday! Tomorrow starts Christmas #2 when we celebrate the holidays with my parents and family!
See ya'all when I return!


  1. So sorry they broke! What a funny place to break,the thickest part. I am sure you have wine glasses you can wrap them around. I leave mine on all the time when cleaning. Enjoy!

  2. What a bummer about the glasses - they look just beautiful!

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  4. Bummer on the wine glasses. I so love that little wristlet, very cute!

  5. What a gorgeous gift-too bad the stems broke. Glass doesn't seem to do well going through the mail. My cousin sent me a glass platter that arrived shattered. The beads around the stems are beautiful!

    Love the cuff-that is so much fun! Great colors too.

  6. Hi Lorelei,
    Ah that is a shame about the glasses, but at least you can use the beads on other stemmed glasses.
    I love my cuff that Jodie sent. Don't you? They are so soft and warm I love the colors too.
    Happy New Year!


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