Resuming the 12 Days of Christmas Gift swap Reveals

Sorry for that small intermission! I just spent the last few days celebrating Christmas #2 and Christmas #3 with my parents!  It has been a whirlwind the past 2 weeks, full of lots of great food and lots of gift giving and receiving and I am flat out pooped! BUT here at the blog, we continue Christmas for a few more days!!

Before I post my photos of Day 6 and Day 7, I  just want to mention something. If you are participating in the gift swap, please blog your gifts! I have noticed only a handful of you actually photographing and blogging your presents, and since some people sent different gifts for each recipient, we all want to see what you got!! That was kind of the whole point of doing the blog swap- so that you could blog the presents and link to people, generating lots of blog traffic to other blogs and your own too!  If you plan on doing it all in one post at the end, that's cool too! But put up a post to tell the readers. I have been going to each of your blogs since we started and some of you haven't updated your blogs in some time. Thanks all!!

On the 5th Day of Christmas,  Kathleen Klik gave to me....... these beautiful handmade polymer beads!! The beads are so gorgeous and have a nice weight to them. I had no idea they were polymer until K told me!! Love the bird pendant, and can't wait to use it!

In Group 2,  Therese Frank gifted me this absolutely gorgeous Three Crosses pendant that she created from one of Sabine Lambert's book Beaded Fantasies! It's stunning, and I love that she put it on this long gunmetal chain. Will be wearing this a lot!! Thank you Therese!

On the 6th Day of Christmas, Kristi Bowman sent me this lovely earring pair that she made from Copper metal clay! They have the most gorgeous iridescent sheen to them. I am looking forward to doing something funky with them, especially since they have holes - I see MANY cool possibilities with these! Be sure to check out Kristi Bowman Designs to see more of her components!

In Group 2, Amy Freeland of Copper Diem sent along these handmade beaded Key chain/ Zipper pulls! Love the design of these - so fun and what a great way to showcase some of your favorite beads in a non-jewelry project! Thanks Amy!

And finally today, Day 7- Carolyn Chenault sent the most amazing bead components! I just love these!! Faux Sea glass connector and bead each portraying words on them! Love that!! I am really looking forward to checking out more of Carolyn's work! Thank you C!

And for Group 2,  Andrew Thornton's gift has not arrived just yet.  Andrew had a bit of a snafuu with his firing and the gifts he created for the swap exploded in the kiln! How sad!! But he's working on replacement gifts now so we'll get his a little later. No worries, we can blog all about it when they arrive. :)


  1. Just stopping in to wish you a very happy and the best 2013 ever.

  2. Hi Lorelei,
    This has been great so far and all of the gifts have been wonderful. I am so glad that you really like the pendant, that is one of my favorite ones to make.
    All the best to you in 2013,

  3. I am so happy that you like the bead set that I created for you Lorelei! I really enjoyed creating different beads for this event. It has been a lot of fun-thank you for hosting it! Happy New Year to you!


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