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Let me introduce you to "Frenchy" my new jewelry model.  I found her accidentally while shopping at Pier 1 for wine glasses, this weekend. She is SO badass. Just look at her French text tattoos. I mean, that is hot. She's got sass... and that's exactly what I was looking for.

I am having a blast creating these long seed beaded necklaces. And now I have to buy a billion more colors because I am totally addicted with this look. This first one is the Pale pink, Purple, Rust and Gold version with some Humblebeads discs, and lampwork glass, and an owl charm from TheaToo.

I beaded these long enough to wrap once or doubled. They "flow" nicely because I used linen cording instead of a stiffer beading wire.

This is the Olive, Blue, Teal and Gold edition with a sweet Acorn dangle from TheaToo, lampwork glass from Gardanne Beads, and more Polymer disk beads from Humblebeads.

I think that the size 6 seed beads work best for this new design. I can't wait to make more of these.  The Acorn edition is now listed in my etsy shop


  1. Very cool beaded necklaces! Love the colors ... and the model! :-)

  2. Love the blue and green design with the acorn dangle. I dug my seed beads out a couple weeks ago to do this very same thing.

  3. I found Frenchy's cousin in our own Pier One store a couple weeks ago. It was difficult to leave her therem abs since then she has been haunting my dreams. I may have to make another trip up and bring her home because I have yet to find a vintage dress form around here.

    I love yor beaded necklaces. I'm partial to the blues.

  4. Your new model is sweet! I just found a mini version of this at HomeGoods! Love your new design. All the colors are gorgeous! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. I love your girl! I know what you mean about the long seed bead chains. I've got several that are my 'go to's for easy summer style. I haven't tried them with the cording, thanks for the tip.

  6. These necklacers kind of remind me of some of the first pieces of jewellery I made for myself. These are definitly far more sophisticated though! I must try some using linen cord :)

    I am really jealous of your new french lady, I would love one of my own!

  7. I called mine "Madame Bijou" lol She gets a lot of attention at shows. This summer we did a few outdoor shows and she attracted a ton of new customers for me. Love her :) Your new necklaces are great, I love being able to double up a necklace :)

  8. Those necklaces are fantastic! Love the colors & the designs!

  9. I saw her last year at Pier One, and then again a few weeks ago. Been holding out for an old one but may just have to break down at buy the new one. She's a great model for your necklaces. Love seed necklaces - oh, and I think I have those billion colors, too!

  10. beautiful necklaces and lovely model. congrats on the nunn design-team membership! look at you all profesh!


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